Philosophy of Ministry – Revive South Jersey

Philosophy of Ministry:  It is our desire that the ministry(ies) of Revive South Jersey focus on valuing individuals as image-bearers of Christ and are developed and carried out in such a way that emphasizes the importance of personal relationships as being foundational to the gospel message which can bring lasting change.

Revive South Jersey will seek to develop these relationships and reach individuals by involving them, as early in the process as possible, with making decisions and offering their input for how we can serve them.  We desire to value these individuals and their opinions and encourage them to ask questions and work through issues at their own pace.  From the beginning, we want to foster a sense of ownership by individuals of the ministry(ies) of Revive South Jersey.  RSJ exists for them, to serve the community and the individuals that make it up.

While programs geared toward reaching large numbers can be helpful in reaching people in need, we have specifically chosen to focus on programs that work in much smaller settings so there is much more personal interaction with the child being helped and their family.  For this reason, we are starting with tutoring and mentoring programs and will proceed from there.  Again, we want to involve the individuals and families that we are seeking to reach from the very beginning in this process and want their suggestions for effective ways to help them and minister to them.

Because we believe that only Christ can cause lasting change in individuals, we will be inviting churches to hold programs such as summer Bible schools or weekly Bible clubs.  These will be run by the churches themselves, and not by RSJ.  RSJ will ensure that these ministries are run in conjunction with already developed relationships and that we work together with the families we serve to hold these events.

We realize that taking a relationship-based approach to serving people requires many volunteers to properly reach out to those in need.  We also realize that this approach takes time and may not have quick results in the form of numbers of individuals helped. Ultimately, we believe that we need to build a strong foundation in order to have lasting success and the only way that can be achieved is by building relationships and valuing each individual that we serve.

Philosophy of Ministry

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