This was in the BEN column of Feb. 16, 2014  by Jack Hummel

Why there is a Revive South Jersey.

• 9.7 percent of children in Cumberland County are reported to be victims of abuse or neglect, highest percentage in all of New Jersey.

• 15.5 percent of girls ages 10-19 in Cumberland County reported being pregnant, highest percentage in all of New Jersey.

• 68 percent of students in Cumberland County passed their 11th grade State Achievement Tests and only 60 percent passed their 4th grade State Achievement Tests, lowest percentages in all of New Jersey.

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Call Director Jonathan Cummings at 856-391-9110 to go to

You can have a hand in bringing back Johnson Reeves Playground on East Avenue.

Grab a paint brush and help paint the new ReviveSJ office at Bridgeton Villas, where the organization will connect with kids for afterschool programs.

And more summer camps like last year, only longer.

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Revive SJ mentioned in The South Jersey Times

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