Conversational ESL classes are offered to the public free of charge starting on Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016.  The classes are separated into three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  In the classes, individuals have the opportunity to talk through different topics each week with small group leaders and community volunteers.  Classes are fun, relaxing and designed to help build community in addition to improving the individuals English.  Classes are run from September through early December and mid-March through mid-June each year.  Individuals should call 856-455-2509 for more information or they can show up for class on Tuesday or Thursday night during the class dates listed above.


Unidos works together with the student to develop their English language skills and continues to help them with the opportunities that become available as a result.  Unidos will help provide job readiness training for finding better employment or job promotions as a result of the student’s improved English. We will also work with individuals to help them prepare for entering college should that be their next life goal.  We work, not only with the student, but provide the student and their entire family access to family advocates who help families in all aspects of life such as: finances, health and wellness, parenting, educational advocacy and relationships.


Location: 136 E Commerce St., Bridgeton NJ

Days: Tuesday

Time: 6-8 pm

Requirements: None

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