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Lasting change will only come as we work together, unified, to show love to others and come alongside of them meeting them where they are. We must work together to build the foundation for a new tomorrow by valuing each person as an image-bearer of Christ who is an integral part of the community and has been created to offer something unique and special to this community.

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Students, families and staff members from Indian Avenue School worked together to establish a sustainable fruit and vegetable garden at the school.

9.7 percent of children in Cumberland County are reported to be victims of abuse or neglect, highest percentage in all of NJ.

15.5 percent of girls ages 10-19 in Cumberland County reported being pregnant, highest percentage in all of NJ.

68 percent of students in Cumberland County passed their 11th grade State Achievement Tests and only 60 percent passed their 4th grade State Achievement Tests , lowest percentages in all of NJ.

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