HSE (GED) prep classes are offered in both English and Spanish free of charge to the public.  These classes will enable the student to cover the material necessary for them to take their HSE exam and obtain their diploma.  Classes are offered in six week blocks and cover the five sections of the HSE test.  Instruction is provided through a head teacher and various small group leaders/tutors.  The number of blocks needed to be ready for the HSE exam depends on the prior education of the student.  Individuals interested in taking the HSE prep classes should call 856-455-2509 to express their interest.

Individuals who take the prep classes in Spanish will also be able to take their HSE exam in Spanish as well at Cumberland County College.  Please note that the college charges for the test and that cost is the responsibility of the student.  Also, proper identification will need to be provided in order to take the test.  Should you have questions about what constitutes proper identification, please contact Unidos at 856-455-2509 and ask to speak to Elena.

Unidos works together with the individual to pass their test and continues with the student after passing the test to help them with the opportunities that become available as a result.  Unidos will help provide job coaching for finding better employment or job promotions as a result of the student obtaining their diploma. We will also work with individuals to help them prepare for entering college should that be their next life goal.

We work, not only with the student, but provide the student and their entire family access to family advocates who help families in all aspects of life such as: finances, health and wellness, parenting, educational advocacy and relationships.

Location: 136 E Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Time: 6-8 pm

Requirement: Please call 856-455-2509 to register and take your pre-test.

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